Sunday, May 24, 2015

Society's Ideas on Fertility Rates

The international average for fertility rates is 2.13, and every nation is beneath this average. The U.S. is close with a 2.09 average. This average is given regarding the amount needed to replace the older generation. Is this number surprising to anyone else? That means we have families with one child and maybe a second one.

I have felt for a time that society has painted a picture of fashion, glamour, travel, money among other things above the family. That the family is good, but if you do certain things like having too many kids that you lose your freedom to live your life. It has become a self serving, look at me society. This to me is sad. 

In our current time, the old out number the rising generation. This trend of having less children is creating and imbalance in our society. This equals to less production of new jobs, and a decline in natural resources. Less is not more in this situation.

Family as a whole is beneficial for an individual, for the whole family unit, and society. There is lots to learn. In your family you learn critical lessons that set the stage for the rest of your life. The lessons that are taught in the family are taken into society by the children. These morals are what make up our society and guide us. Family benefits our society by improving productions and creates jobs. There are many more reasons why having family is a good thing. Having family is what helps improve the quality of our society, and children are apart of this family.

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