Saturday, May 30, 2015

Some of the "HOW'S" to Dating

I am definitely not a pro when it comes to dating. This week's topic pique my interest, because I am still in the single phase that seems never-ending at times. Today dating has changed to hanging out. Hanging out should not replace the dating process. Hanging out is a good way to meet a lot people, and become acquaintances. It is not always beneficial when you are trying to date another person. In group hangouts there is no obligation to anyone, and it can feel like you are competing with others in the group to catch the attention of the person you like.  

Some Hows: What is a date? A date is planned, paid for, and paired off. Either the man or the woman can do these things. It is also good to involve the other in the planning. The best dates are the ones where you can get to know the other, and have fun. A movie is probably not a good choice, because you don't get to interact with each other. Some good examples would be teaching the other how to play a sport, making a meal together, or picking out a funny outfit for each other to wear on your date.    A good plan to incorporate into your dating success would be the three T's from Van Epp. They are called the "Know Quo." They include Talk, Togetherness, Time, and this equals "Knowing." Talk is good to get to know the other person and have mutual self disclosure. Togetherness is involving yourselves in a wide range of activities. This provides you and opportunity to get to know one another in different settings. Time is important also. It is hard to get to know someone in a short time. It is beneficial to both of you if you date for a longer amount of time. It allows you to get to know one another better before you move on to the next step, marriage? :)

These are just some ideas that I found interesting and informational for others. They are simple but profound when dating. They can help you make the most out of dating.

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