Saturday, May 23, 2015

Understanding Same Gender Attraction

This subject is one that is heavily discussed in today's society. There are many that struggle with unwanted attraction to the same gender. I haven't always understood the struggles they go through. However, after discussing it in class and studying the matter on my own, I now have a better understanding regarding same sex attraction. My thoughts are ones of love and compassion.

It can start with just a small misunderstanding. An example could be a little boy wanting to get his nails painted with his sisters. Others outside of the boy's family might think he must be gay or that he may have those tendencies because he likes his nails painted. In this instance he is categorized as gay and people start treating him as such. The boy then starts to think that he is gay. When really this little boy just wanted to be accepted and included. This is just a simple example of misinterpreting the boys motives.

There have been many studies on how individuals change their orientation. It is said that some of the causes are not feeling accepted by the same sex; which leads them to seek approval from the same sex, sexual abuse, pornography, being detached from the parent of their same gender, not being satisfied in heterosexual relationships, bullying, teasing, and not fitting societies's norm for their specified gender. This causes the individual to suffer from low self esteem, depression, detachment, drug abuse, and suicidal tendencies. These are not all, but some of the determined causes.

Many with this difficult struggle don't understand what is wrong with them, and blame themselves. In the end it is the individual that has control over his or her actions in pursuing homosexual relations. Many have found that after living this type of life are not happy and feel empty inside. They seek to overcome this behavior that they have.

With my new awareness, I feel more love for those that have same gender attraction. I don't know what they have gone through, and what has led them to this point. I personally don't agree with individuals having homosexual relations, but that doesn't mean that I do not care for them and love them. I do care and will always be a friend. Also, I do know that there is help for those that want to overcome same sex orientation. Help can be found in religious leaders, counselors in the appropriate field, including family and friends.

This is the link to a video that helps "understanding same sex attraction"

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